Affiliated Teacher Training Colleges (TTCs)

In its efforts to improve the quality of Education, the Government of Rwanda has entrusted the University of Rwanda-College of Education to oversee and ensure academic quality of sixteen Teacher Training Colleges Countrywide. Thenceforth, the College of Education strives for quality enhancement as well as having oversight responsibility in view of curriculum development, assessment and certification.

The assumption of duty is also in line with the professionalization of the teaching career through qualified, competent and high skilled teachers.

The affiliated TTCs are:

TTC Bicumbi TTC Muhanga
TTC Byumba TTC Muramba
TTC Cyahinda TTC Mururu
TTC Gacuba TTC Mwezi
TTC Kabarore TTC Nyamata
TTC Kirambo TTC Rubengera
TTC Matimba TTC Save
TTC Mbuga TTC Zaza

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