Research Communication & Uptake

The University of Rwanda with its goal to become a research led University, is determined to be internationally recognized through its increasingly rising rankings as well as becoming regionally and nationally relevant. Among the basic steps towards achieving the national relevance is to increase the sharing of research results to the university community, the public and stakeholders in ways that is suitable and relevant to them. 

On seeing the gap in research communication capacity among the academic professionals, the Association of Commonwealth Universities started an initiative called DRUSSA (Development Research Uptake in sub-Saharan Africa) to support the researcher academics to improve their skills in knowledge sharing.

A limited number of staff in UR were variably trained by DRUSSA, which eventually closes in July 2016, but keeping its website   open for sometime, packed with resources like online course on research communication, and other materials used during the five years to train the different teams at workshops on this 

By utilizing these resources it is expected that the number of researches communicated and possibly utilized by the public will rise significantly. A plan of action for research communication is being developed at UR headquarters and will be shared in not more than two weeks.By operationalizing the plan, individuals researchers (academic staff) and colleges will get the research output to where it is basically belongs. Please be on the look out as a webpage devoted to research communication and uptake gets launched for easy access soon.

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