Public Relations

Public Relations Office is attached to the Principal’s office. The office is the liaison between the Institute and the Government Institutions, Parastatals, the Private Sector, media and the general public.

Public Relations office aims at helping the College to strengthen relationship with its stakeholders. All the people involved in CE business ought to share information so as to have common understanding on what is being carried out in the College. On that note, CE Public Relations office intervenes with a view to create awareness of activities and plans of the Institute towards the beneficiaries.

In addition, the office employs a range of communication techniques whose purpose is a thorough dissemination of information in line with the progress and new development undertaken by the College. For this to happen, the PR Officer timely collects and provides bona-fide information that helps the public to have a clear image about the College.

Amongst other key responsibilities attached to the office are the development and publication of newsletters, brochures as well as other news outlets that showcase general achievements of the College with much emphasis on services and courses offered. The office helps in organizing public events such as and graduation while protocol services also fall in the same category.

**Public Relations Office**
Tel: +250 788 66 28 29
P.O. Box: 5039